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We are proud to be a Church of England school, and see our close working relationships with the Diocese as a way to ensure we work together in meeting our aim of equipping every child with an outstanding education and the values and character to lead a full and positive life. The teaching of Religious Education, and the promotion of Christian Values in everything that we do, is a crucial part of this wider education.

Religious Education is taught in accordance with the agreed Northamptonshire syllabus (2018 – 2023) in combination with Diocesan guidance. The Agreed Syllabus provides a Christian based curriculum alongside learning about other religions in Modern Britain. The Agreed Syllabus, and its published units and core learning, provide the foundation for teaching in Religious Education. Further depth and challenge in the understanding of Christianity is achieved through the use of the Understanding Christianity materials, commissioned by the Church of England and promoted by the Diocese. These materials develop children’s Christian religious literacy, giving them the ability to talk with fluency and understanding about religion and belief. The teaching of other religions develops attitudes of understanding and respect towards people who hold views and beliefs different from their own. The children’s learning about, and from, Christianity and other religions is enriched by visitors from these faiths.

The teaching of distinct Christian Values is another key aspect in achieving our aims as a school. Each month, the children learn about a value in depth. They study the values origins in the Bible and Jesus’ teaching, or from other sacred texts. They consider how this guidance shapes the actions of Christian in the past and in the present. They reflect on how the guidance offered in a value might influence them to ask and explore challenging questions, inspire an act of Courageous Advocacy or promote spiritual thinking. This learning is shared with the wider community in a special monthly Community Worship service held in the village church.


Children’s attainment in Religious Education is measured against two Attainment Targets: 

Attainment Target 1 – Learning about religion and belief

Enquiring into, investigating and understanding religions and beliefs. This includes thinking about and interpreting religious beliefs, teachings, sources, practices, ways of life and ways of expressing meaning with reference to the specific beliefs and religions studied.

Attainment Target 2 – Learning from religion and belief

Questioning, exploring, reflecting upon and interpreting human experience in the light of religions and beliefs studied. This includes communicating reflections, responses and evaluations about questions of identity, belonging, diversity, meaning, purpose, truth, values and commitments, making increasingly insightful links to the specific religions studied.

In each lesson, children are encouraged to find out about a religion and to consider what they are learning from the content covered.

Throughout the RE curriculum pupils are encouraged to explore religions, engage with their knowledge, and reflect on their learning and their lives. We encourage tackling profound and ‘Big Questions’ that people face, such as: ‘What is the purpose of life?’ ‘How should people treat each other?’ and ‘How do we explain suffering?’ We encourage children to think beyond their immediate experience and reflect on spiritual matters that arise. We encourage children to reflect on moments of awe and wonder at what they discover and notice. We see these as important activities if children are to take this learning and use it to guide their choices and actions in their day-to-day lives to lead a full and happy life. 

Parents have a legal right to request “that a pupil may be wholly or partly excused from receiving Religious Education given in accordance with the school’s basic curriculum.” We would encourage any parent who is considering making such a request to arrange a meeting to discuss their concerns with the Headteacher first.

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